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We're taking October very seriously when it comes to unwinding and relaxing this month. With the leaves just starting to fall and the temperature dropping, it's time to bring out something a little cosier for the season. That's why we've dedicated this month fully to relaxing the mind and body with our purifying de-stress facial and upper body massage. 

In addition,  we're keeping Shellac alive this month with our extended promotion of the Shellac Package featuring two sets of perfectly finished off Shellacs for your hands and feet with 40% off regular price. 

To book these packages, simply look under the 'packages' tab when going through online booking.

Gift Vouchers are readily available, simply get in touch for more details.

Book Online to save 10%! 

*Please note that our monthly packages are subject to availability. Walk-in appointments may not be readily accepted, so please pre-book your appointment to avoid disappointment.